I help companies ship fast without compromising quality.

As a seasoned UI/UX Designer with over 15 years in the field, my philosophy centers around the transformative power of design. With a focus on human-centered approaches, my work aims to solve complex problems and make meaningful contributions to society. I believe in challenging conventions through critical questioning and fostering collaborative innovation across disciplines. My career is dedicated to creating designs that not only delight users but also drive positive social change, emphasizing sustainability and inclusivity. Through my designs, I strive to not just enhance user experiences but also to shape a better world, showcasing the profound impact of thoughtful design on everyday life.

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Shared ownership. Whether I work independently or integrate with your team, everyone comes along the process.
I work fast. Quick iteration allows us to zoom through explorations until we arrive at something that feels just right.
Show and tell. I frequently share work in progress, usually in the form of screen recordings with a voice over.
Bias for action. I prefer creating tangible artifacts to visualize the team's ideas over lengthy documents that often go ignored.
I work in systems. Whether it’s a small feature or an entire design system, I create reusable components for the team.
Design is thinking. I am not afraid to throw away an idea and explore divergent solutions. The more the merrier!


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